An Accidental Jubilee by Alice Warrender

"A book about courage-a long string of tiny courageous steps. It is also about hope and faith and love. It is modest, careful and joyous. I do not see how any attentive reader could fail to be touched, awed and encouraged."  Sara Maitland, Author


An Accidental Jubilee is an autobiographical account of Alice Warrender’s walk from Canterbury, England to Rome, Italy in the summer of 2011. After the author was subject to intensive brain surgery following an accident on her bicycle in London, the walk took over three months to complete.


On the night of 18th February 2011 Alice Warrender, 28, was found sprawled across Fulham Broadway, having been knocked off her bicycle. After brain surgery she began an indefinite period of recuperation at her home in Ayrshire. However she quickly grew tired of being the centre of worry and attention and resolved to walk by herself from Canterbury to Rome, following an ancient pilgrim route. Her narrative of this remarkable journey with its alternations of pain, introspection, peril and comedy, is acutely observant and comes to a moving and uplifting conclusion.

 Published by Stone Trough books, An Accidental Jubilee is available in paperback and covers 202 pages. It is distributed by Stone Trough Books, 01904 670323 and Gardners, 01323 521777.

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ISBN 978 0 9544542 6 5 - Priced £15

"The luminous journey of a valiant pilgrim who observes herself and those she met as clearly as she evokes the changing landscapes through which she walked." Francis Russell, Art Historian & Author

Alice Warrender was born in Scotland in 1983. She read Art History at St Andrews University, then set up Later with two partners, she launched, an agency which promotes design, web video production and marketing. Alice now lives in East London and is pursuing her career as a fine artist.

t: 07469885219


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